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Indie filmmakers should do everything they can to improve their local film community as well as the global film community by not only creating diverse and original content, but by aiding others in doing the same. iflixtv was created for that purpose. A site for indie films created by indie filmmakers

Greg Galloway, CEO
Indie filmmakers need a place to showcase their work. There are over 1.8 Million people who attended a film festival in 2012 and these attendees continue to crave indie films but usually have to wait till the following year for the Festival suited to their tastes to open again.

iflixtv is essentially a perpetual film festival. We curate films, shorts, docs and web series from all over the world from distributors, festivals and individual producers to provide opportunities to make money.


  • I use this channel on my ROKU.. you can use it on your computer. Its like an indie NetFlix. Carlos Phoenix, www.theloungenetwork.com

    Carlos Phoenix, www.theloungenetwork.com
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